About us


Dag Øistein Eriksen. Foto.


First among peers

“Primus inter pares” means the first among peers. This is an ambitious but necessary goal for a company serving industry of high technology. Primus.inter.pares AS is a private, independent consultancy firm specializing in industrial chemical separations. Separations of rare earth elements and purifications of these is one special competence. Hydrometallurgy, comprising leaching, solid-liquid separations, solvent extraction, and ion exchange, is another competence.


Environmental technology including silicon of PV quality and for power electronics, CO2-separation, and lithium are some of the topics we are working on.


Together with the new company Polysilane AS new technology for producing disilane is being developed.


Primus.inter.pares was established by Dag Øistein Eriksen in 2007. Eriksen has since been the CEO. He is Cand.real (MSc/PhD) in Nuclear Chemistry from University of Oslo in 1976. He has been Visiting scientist at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, senior research scientist at MEGON AS and EXTRATECH AS, and senior scientist and section leader at Institute of Energy Technology. He has been censor in Nuclear Chemistry at University of Oslo for more than ten years.